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Turbulent Times for Wellness

We are now in the midst of a full blown pandemic with the CORVID-19 virus making its way around the world, infecting hundreds of thousands and killing thousands around the globe.

We cannot offer cures for any disease at Wellness Naturally. What we can and aim to do however, is arm you with the awareness, knowledge, and natural teas and supplements to assist your body with building a solid defense system.

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Supporting your adrenal, digestive, and immune systems regardless of what else you do or don't choose to put in your body is a really good thing.

At the end of the day, striped of the manufactured goods of the modern world, we all share the need for high quality nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle. All around us in the natural world, regardless of where on earth you come from, you will find plants, herbs, trees, even weeds you many have never stopped to look at, that could have the very thing your body needs to maintain homeostasis - having wellness.

The natural world has supported our health for as long as humans have been walking this earth. Vast bodies of knowledge on herbal medicine exist and are readily available for all to read and learn from. Maybe, just maybe, we are being prompted now by Mother Earth to start choosing more natural ways once again.

Recently, because of the global slow-downs, shut-downs, and lock-downs we are witnessing an impressive swell of nature returning to water ways and air quality improving because of the sudden reduction in pollution.

While we at Wellness Naturally are overtly aware of the calamitous outcomes this virus is currently causing to peoples health, ability to provide for their families and take care of their businesses. We are also aware that we have an opportunity to learn, actually - we have a responsibility to learn from these moments and make better choices around not only what we eat and consume to keep our bodies well, but how we live and do business as way of keeping the planet healthy too.

Incidentally, our motto at Wellness Naturally is 'Plant Focused - Planet Aware' for the precise reason that we care not only about people but the very planet we all share as well.

As the saying goes, 'as above. so below', which essentially means that as you treat yourself you treat the planet and vice versa. We all have a vested interest in helping our people and our planet achieve wellness naturally.