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Wellness Naturally Tinctures have arrived!

Wellness Naturally is pleased to announce the arrival of our first set of tinctures, which are available now on WellnessNaturally.ca

We have formulated three tinctures to assist you along your wellness journey.

The first is 'Adrenal Mend'. Our formulation has been used traditionally to assist with ailments related to stress and the adrenal glands. Consisting of Holy Basil, Eleuthero, Schisandra Berry, Ashwagandha, Oat Straw, Rhodiola, and Ginseng, we believe this may be of some assistance to those who would like to draw on a natural form of wellness support.

Next is 'Immunity Booster'. Our Immunity booster product, contains Cordyceps, Echinacea, Astralagus, Reishi, Elderberry, Licorice Root, and Olive Leaf. These herbs have been traditionally used to support lymphatic drainage and relieve lymphatic congestion associated with the proliferation of viruses and

Last, but not least is our 'Rest & Digest' tincture. With Dandelion root, Calendula Flowers, Agrimony Herb, Wild Ginger Rhizome, Melissa Herb, Burdock
Root, Wild Bergamot Herb, Roman Chamomile Flowers, and Yellow Dock Root, these herbs have been traditionally used for a wide range of digestive disturbances and stimulates the production of enzymes and digestive juices.

We sincerely hope you purchase and use these products regularly to support three of the primary wellness areas we are share in common.

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As always, Wellness Naturally remains Plant Focused. Planet Aware (TM).