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What is really ailing your mental and physical health and how herbs can help.

From the moment of our conception in our mothers womb, we inherit a great number of characteristics which we share amongst our common ancestors. With this information, we make ourselves aware of the health concerns that have plagued our ancestors and hopefully make the health style changes to combat what may be latent in your genes.

Ok, so we can all agree that being armed with historical data about our ancestors as a predictor of future ailments is great, especially when combined with a health conscious attitude towards those problems. Being proactive about your health, it can be argued, saves lives. I think most of us would agree with that.

But what about the things we did not inherit, mentally or physically? To what degree are we the maker of our own ailments and to what degree are we the victims of genetic inheritance alone?

Certainly, where we see patterns we need to investigate further. But does 'cause' always equal 'effect'? Can we interrupt and/or change the predicted health outcome based on our awareness and willingness to affect that change? Surely, the answer is yes, but what is the change that is required to impact the trajectory of our lives so profoundly that we interrupt a pattern towards obesity or cancer or heart attack or any illness at all? Believe it or not - it is the content of our thoughts around any given subject, be it your spouse, parents, sickness, or finances.

good vibes only

In nutrition terms, we say we are not what we eat, but rather we are what we are able to absorb through our digestive system, while the rest passes through us. The same can be said of thoughts. That which we allow to be absorbed into our conscious being shall impact how we grow and evolve. In this case its the thoughts that matter most, not the nutrition. 

What we want you to know is that herbs - formulations, tinctures, teas, concoctions - all of the plant remedies in the world will not help you, if you are not able to absorb their nutrients. There is a double meaning here. We want a healthy digestive system to be able to properly absorb the micro and macro-nutrients. But we also want a consciousness that will allow the positive energy-based nutrients to be absorbed, while allowing the toxic or negative energy (thoughts) to pass through us.

Your thoughts feed your body information about all things. Fight or flight. Digest and absorb or putrefy and expel. All of this has a massive impact on how your body and mind feel not only from moment to moment, but collectively over time. Negative thought patterns and a reluctance to let go of the past has a huge impact on your over all health, well beyond what we eat or how much exercise we get.

Thought is how we became manifest on this earth. Thought continues to manifest all things on this planet, especially within you. When you learn to clean up your thoughts and release and expel those thoughts and memories which wreak havoc on your emotions, consciously or unconsciously, you gain control over all situations... for you. Not over others, but for you.

Being free from the subconscious hold of pain, anguish, resentment, fear, insecurity, failure will improve your life more than any diet or herb ever could.

The best part of all is that in spite of all the many healing properties contained within the plants that we use as medicines, there is also the divine energy of the Sun and the Universe contained within those same plants. And when your 'clean' thoughts and energy come into contact with the energy based healing properties of plant based medicines, then, I believe you will have not only immaculate health but be well on the path towards self-actualization as well.

If you are already into plant-based nutrition and natural healing, you can give those efforts a massive boost by learning to filter, dare I say it, delete and release ALL of the memories associated with attachment. Our attachment to memories, thoughts, and people do more to harm our health and personal evolution on this planet than anything else.

Love is actually witnessing the divine in others and honoring it free from your personal experience of them. Love has very little to do with the personal story you tell yourself about yourself or anyone else. It has been said that only God is love, and we are merely that love made manifest.

A final thought. As makers of herbal tea formulations and tinctures designed to assist your journey to wellness in this physiological reality, Wellness Naturally is equally committed to offering you the support you need beyond what we sell, to improve your journey.